Safe, practical and affordable slurry pit

  • 100% leak free
  • 50 years design life
  • Capacities up to 7,500 m3
  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Rapid installation, typically 1-2 days
  • Above or below ground installations
  • No maintenance highly durable EPDM jointing gasket
  • Openings in panels to accommodate inlets, outlets or through the wall mixers
  • Embedded steel tendons, protected against corrosion and other physical damage

Future Proof

The tank is constructed from extremely durable precast concrete panels and unlike most other slurry storage systems should require no repairs or remedials for the duration of it’s service life. If at any time in the future circumstance or legislation requires slurry stores to be covered, then the Agri-tank is well equipped, requiring no additional strengthening fabric covers can be post installed onto all models of Agri-tank. This can also be applied to single or double membrane covers used for gas collection, should at any time in the future Biogas become a consideration.

Minimal Environmental Impact

Thanks to its unique construction and attractive concrete surface and structure, Agri-tank blends naturally into the landscape. Available in smooth grey concrete, the Agri-tank can be installed partially below ground, or in certain circumstances completely below ground.


Ancillary Equipment

  • Covers
  • Mixers
  • Filling Pipework
  • Gantries & Ladders
  • Lockable Sluice Valves

Technical Features

The Agri-tank is constructed using high specification concrete panels held together by a series of circumferential 7 wire PE-sheeted grease impregnated tendons. The tendon is coated in highly corrosionresistant grease conforming to the recommendations of both the American Post Tensioning Institute and the FIB. The PE-Sheeting is formed by the continuous hot extrusion of high density polyethylene or polypropylene to a minimum radial thickness of between 1.00mm and 2.00mm, again conforming to recommendations of both the American Post Tensioning Institute and the FIB.

Technical Features

Seals between each precast panel are made using our patented EPDM compound that when erected form a gasket between the panels and eliminate the risk of leakage. Any storage tank will be subject to movements, these can be caused by high or low internal pressure from a full or empty tank, our EPDM seal has elastic qualities, which absorb any movement and provide further protection from different earth pressures or all year round weather conditions. Our EPDM is extremely tough and retains its elasticity even when constantly subjected to ammonia and ultraviolet light.

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