Tank covers – a necessary addition to a slurry tank

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Slurry tank covers are becoming increasingly popular, not least because there is new legislation which indicates that tank covers are now a necessary addition to a slurry tank. There are, however, many advantages of tank covers to farmers who manage slurry. It is necessary to have a fixed cover or a natural floating layer in order to reduce emissions, but this is not the only benefit of a slurry tank cover – there are financial benefits too.

Reduced evaporation of nitrogen – without a cover, around 10% of the nitrogen content of slurry can be lost. Nitrogen-rich fertiliser helps crops to grow. Covering your slurry tank will lead to better utilisation of fertiliser value, you will also make savings on the purchase of fertiliser and benefit from a better autumn yield.

Elimination of rainwater from the tank – No matter where you are in the UK, an uncovered tank is going to take on rainwater. Rainwater not only dilutes the slurry but also creates extra work to empty the store. Covering your slurry tank will lead to a more effective use of the storage facility.

Reduction of odor nuisances – A tank cover helps to reduce the amount of odor coming from the slurry tank. This is a benefit for not only the farmers, but also to the neighbouring homes or businesses.

More options for locating slurry tanks – A tank cover allows you to control the emissions and odor that are emitted from the slurry tank. This may allow sites to be developed that otherwise would be unacceptable.

A tank cover can reduce the size of tank required – A tank cover can significantly reduce the size of slurry tank required, by allowing rain water to flow away rather than mix with the contents of the slurry tank.

Save on water costs – When you have a tank cover, there is the potential to collect and use clean rainwater, therefore saving on water costs.

Tank Covers Slurry Tank

New legislation for tank covers

9% of UK agricultural emissions are from manure storage. This is not only a nuisance for neighbouring residents, but it also increases the risk of air pollution.

The slurry tank cover is an important component of the slurry tank that helps to protect against spills, leaks and contamination. Legislation around tank covers varies from country to country as well as what types of covers are available.

As of February 2021, all slurry tanks or lagoons on newly-permitted sites in the UK must be fitted with a cover and a target has been set by DEFRA, for all slurry tanks in England to be covered by 2027.

The legislation surrounding tank covers will help to reduce emissions, so now is the time to research slurry tank covers.

We offer 3 types of roof installation

Tank Cover Double Membrane Gas Tight

Foil fabric double membrane (gas tight) – Manufactured from biaxel reinforced fabrics with a high-grade chemically resistant PVC coating.

Deck Cover for Agri Tank

Insulated precast concrete (gas tight) – Available as pre-insulated unit PE-Lined for concrete protection in the gasification zone. Robust construction allows pre-formed openings to support mixers, access hatch and pressure release plates.

Agri Tank Precast Concrete Roof and Foil Fabric Single Membrane

Precast Concrete Roof and Foil Fabric Single Membrane (non gas tight) – Reduces emissions of both gas and odour. Openings are available to allow over the top mixing. Robust construction using UV resistant reinforced foil.

Tank covers and its design

In order to install a tank cover, the correct calculations must be taken into consideration. For a tank cover that will stop rainwater, the slurry store must have the structural integrity to hold the weight of the cover.

The optimal type of tank cover for both quality and price is made from reinforced PVC foil. This cover is tailored to each specific tank and requirements can be discussed prior to installation. For example, the number of access hatches, the location and size of the hatches and operating openings for the pump and agitator can be confirmed before installation.

PVC tank covers are durable, long-lasting and allow you to store a better quality slurry, more effectively. If you are looking for help with your slurry tank cover and need an expert who can advise on what type of equipment would be best suited to your needs, contact our team today. We will work closely with you so that you get exactly what you want from us; we will make sure it meets all regulations and requirements while also ensuring it is cost-effective for your farm operation.

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