The Safe and Effective Slurry Store

Agri-tank offers an effective and robust solution to your slurry management operation

Agri-Tank is built using precast concrete panels and is a long term solution to your slurry management. Developed by our market-leading team in the design, manufacture and installation of concrete slurry tanks, Agri-tank is an important addition for any farm and can be designed to meet all of your slurry storage requirements.

Benefits of Agri-tank


50 years design life

The tank is constructed from extremely durable precast concrete panels, requiring no repairs or remedials.

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Above or below ground

The Agri-tank can be installed partially below ground, or in certain circumstances completely below ground.

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Rapid installation

The Agri-tank is installed typically within 1-2 days.

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Range of Capacities

Offering a range of capacities up to 7,500 m3.

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Testimonials of Agri-tank


“The Agri-tank provided the perfect solution for upgrading our slurry lagoon, being able to locate it in the old lagoon and then back-fill around the tank has helped minimise its environmental impact.”

Deck Cover for Agri Tank

“Realising the benefits of concrete tanks i selected the Agri-tank for two of our recent farm development projects, being able to bury the tanks enabled us to gravity feed the slurry straight into the process tank from our pig builders. The speed of construction was impressive and the quality of the finished product was high.”


“The one stop shop facility enabled me to procure everything I needed for the tank from A-Consult, including mixers, gantries and tank cover. This saved me time on the project as I was dealing with a single supplier, we handed over the site and A-Consult did the rest.”


The most robust solution to meet all your slurry storage requirements


Agri-tank offers a long-term slurry storage solution for those in the farming industry. Providing farmers and farm managers an effective, safe and environmentally friendly solution to slurry storage. Agri-tank allows farmers to utilise waste products and create useful fertilizer, to be used on the farm. There are a whole host of rules and regulations that must be adhered to when installing a slurry tank and it is a legal requirement to have sufficient slurry storage for your farming system.

The size of your slurry tank will differ depending on your farming operation. We can design, manufacture and install a slurry tank to suit your requirements, ensuring that you have the right slurry tank for your operation. Designed by our experienced and highly qualified team, Agri-tank can be built to suit your specific needs. Our team will work with you on your project to ensure a successful completion.

Our robust Agri-tank is designed and built to last with a life expectancy in excess of 50 years, as a result of the durable precast concrete panels. Agri-tank can be built above, partially below or fully below ground, depending on your needs and conforms to the highest standards and legislation requirements.

As a result of the high working standards, we have received many testimonials about Agri-tank, you can read them here.

If you need a safe, effective and long-lasting solution to your slurry storage, then fill in your details below and a member of our team will be in touch with you to find out more about your slurry tank needs.

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