Concrete panels for your slurry pit

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Agri-tank be buried?2020-05-01T13:37:33+01:00

Yes all Agri-tanks can be buried up to a depth of 2.0m as standard – if further embedment is required this is also possible but requires some minor design changes.

What type of covers are offered?2020-05-01T13:38:03+01:00

Agri-tank can be covered using either a single membrane fabric cover (green and grey) or a solid concrete cover for more robust situations

Can I fit a cover to and existing Agri-tank?2020-05-01T13:36:51+01:00

Yes, covers can be retro fit to all Agri-tanks, this requires no additional strengthening of the tank structure – once the tank is emptied a cover can be installed in 2 days

How long will it take to build?2020-05-01T13:39:12+01:00

A typical Agri-tank can be erected in a day and prepared ready to take slurry in 7 days

What warranties are offered?2020-05-01T13:39:48+01:00

All Agri-tanks are supplied with a 6 year warranty – also offering a 50 year design life

Where is the Agri-tank made?2020-05-01T13:40:29+01:00

Agri-tank panels are manufactured near Newark in the UK, all Agri-tank installations are carried out by A-Consult directly employed and trained installers

What sizes are the Agri-tanks supplied in?2020-05-01T13:41:02+01:00

The Agri-tank is an extremely flexible system, diameters range from 10m to over 70m with wall heights ranging from 3.0m to 8.0m  – resulting in capacities ranging from 24,000 gal – 2,500,000 gal


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