Slurry tank

– an essential part of your slurry management system

Slurry tank is an essential part of your slurry management system. A slurry tank is used in the agricultural industry to take unusable materials and turn them into valuable fertilizer that can be used on land to fertilize crops. Slurry stores can be built above ground, below ground or partially below ground and when you choose the Agri-Tank, your slurry tank will be circular in design.

The Agri-tank provides a slurry store that will ensure you have a safe, cost-effective method for slurry management. We will build and install your slurry tank and offer advice on the size and location of your slurry store. The Agri-Tank is designed to last, built with extremely durable precast concrete panels, the robust structure of the slurry tank offers a life expectancy far in excess of steel tank alternatives and in fact offers a 50 plus year lifespan. The slurry tank will require no maintenance as a result of the patented EPDM joining gasket.

The Agri-Tank is constructed using high specification concrete panels held together by PE-sheeted grease impregnated tendons. As a result, you can benefit from faster installation of your slurry tank. Should you choose for your slurry tank to be buried below ground, you will also benefit from easier access. Agri-Tank can be buried up to a depth of 2m or with a few minor adjustments, the slurry tank can be embedded further below ground, should your requirements dictate. The Agri-tank slurry store is available in capacities up to 7,500 m3, however, bespoke options are available. The size of your tank will depend upon the volume of waste that will need to be stored. Defra advises that your slurry tank should have the capacity for around 4 months worth of slurry.

Sealed precast concrete panels

The precast concrete panels are sealed using our patented EPDM compound that when erected from a gasket between the panels eliminates the risk of leakage. The EPDM compound benefits from elastic qualities, meaning that when the inevitable movement occurs as a result of high or low internal pressure from a full or empty tank, the EPDM seal will absorb any movement and provide protection from all year-round weather conditions. Our EPDM is extremely tough and retains its elasticity even when constantly subjected to ammonia and ultraviolet light.

The high strength durable concrete panels used in the design of the slurry tanks ensure no leaks or damage and enables the slurry tank to withstand the chemicals from farm waste and slurries. The hard-wearing surface is able to resist the potential abrasion and damage caused during slurry mixing and agitation. Making Agri-tank a slurry store that is designed to last.

We offer a full installation service for all of our concrete products, and we have experienced, qualified people who will work on your project with you. Our slurry tanks come in standard sizes for fast installation or if you require, we can provide a bespoke slurry tank that will suit your needs perfectly. Our highly qualified team can advise you every step of the way and are ready to help with the design and installation of your slurry tank.

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