Slurry pit

– designed to last!

We are the market leaders in the Design, Manufacture and Installation of Precast Concrete Storage Tanks. We design and manufacture a slurry tank that is designed to last with the added benefit of easy and fast installation. The design and build of your slurry store must meet the standards of the Environment Agency and DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) and is required to last a minimum of 20 years*. Agri-Tank provides a durable, safe and effective solution with our 50 year tried and tested design life. The slurry pit should require no repairs or remedials for the duration of its service life as a result of the highly durable EPDM jointing gasket.

The design of your slurry tank will vary depending on your specific requirements and our highly experienced design engineers will be able to guide and advise you through the whole process. We offer a customised solution based on your needs and our knowledge.

Agri-Tank offers an environmentally suitable solution in terms of design. In comparison to older, more traditional forms of slurry storage, Agri-tank offers a structure that has minimal land take, therefore reducing the impact on the land surrounding the slurry tank. The slurry tanks are available in a smooth grey finish and can be built above or below ground. As a result of their unique construction and attractive concrete surface and structure, Agri-tank blends naturally into the surrounding landscape. In order to achieve a finished slurry tank design that blends into the countryside surrounding it, the design engineers will consider the whole area and offer the best advice on where your slurry tank should be placed and whether it would be best placed above or below ground.

*Please see for up to date legislation on storing silage, slurry and agricultural fuel oil.

Benefits to fitting a cover on your slurry tank

Fabric covers can be installed onto all models of Agri-tank and requires no additional strengthening. Alternatively, the all-weather roof is a high-quality PE-Foil weather roof, ideal for keeping rain and snow out of the slurry store and odours in. The Agri-tank is designed for a cover to be fitted, and as of February 2021, it is now a legal requirement for a cover to be fitted to a slurry tank.

There are many benefits to fitting a cover on your slurry tank. These include;

– Significantly reduced odours emitting from the slurry tank

– Improved ammonia control

– Rainwater can easily drain off instead of into the contents of the slurry tank

– They can significantly reduce the environmental impact of a slurry store

– Less rainwater means slurry management is easier

– Less rainwater can also mean a reduction in the size of tank required

– The quality of nutrients in the slurry are increased

Ancillary equipment can be attached and supported by the wall structure of your slurry tank. Ladders and platforms provide safe and easy access to the slurry store. Ancillary equipment can include;

– Perimeter sump and pipework for discharge

– Platform and access ladder

– Lockable sluice valve

– Openings in panels to accommodate inlets, outlets or through the wall mixers

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