Storage tanks in the UK


Mr Neil Gemmell
Clayton Hall Farm

Tank specification 36m diameter
6m tall – Gross Capacity 5,921m3 (1,302,438 gallons)

“The Agri-tank provided the perfect solution for upgrading our slurry lagoon, being able to locate it in the old lagoon and then back-fill around the tank has helped minimise its environmental impact.”

Deck Cover for Agri Tank

Mr Sam Ward
Heath Farm, Normanby Cliff

Pre-Acidification Process Tank
Diameter 12.2m height 4.0m with concrete roof
Capacity 465m3 (102,285 gallons)

Slurry Storage Tank
Diameter 27.7m height 5.0m
Capacity 3,012m3 (662,547 gallons)

“Realising the benefits of concrete tanks i selected the Agri-tank for two of our recent farm development projects, being able to bury the tanks enabled us to gravity feed the slurry straight into the process tank from our pig builders. The speed of construction was impressive and the quality of the finished product was high.”


Mr Joe Dewhirst
Carr Farm, Hull

Tank diameter 35.8m tank height 6.0m
Capacity 6,0333m3 (1,327,074 gallons)

“The one stop shop facility enabled me to procure everything I needed for the tank from A-Consult, including mixers, gantries and tank cover. This saved me time on the project as I was dealing with a single supplier, we handed over the site and A-Consult did the rest.”

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